Photo Studio

Quick Guide to Open a Photo Studio

If you have gone beyond the stage of amateur photography and serious about this creative profession you’d probably want to have your own photo studio. However, once you have decided on this, the business angle comes into play and you will have to look at it like one. There is simply no point in throwing away money if profits do not become one of your primary concerns, other than of course your passion for photography.

Here are a few quick points to help you open a photo studio.

  • Have a business plan in place – Consolidate your thoughts and ideas and have them down on paper. It will be a document that will detail your expected cash flow, cost of gear and equipment and fixed and recurring expenses. If all these look a bit daunting, hire a business consultant who will assist you in chalking out your plans. He/she will even study others in this field in your proposed location and work out marketing strategies that will benefit you in the long run. At this point you have to assess you financial needs and sources to get start-up funds.
  • Choose a specialisation area – With the increase in usage of smart phones that have high-end cameras, the role of a professional photographer has almost been reduced to party, wedding and event photography. Hence you have to choose your area of specialisation carefully to be truly successful. Your next step would be to build up a portfolio. Any client would want to see samples of your work before placing a contract. You will do well to work as an assistant with a reputed photographer or a studio for a few months to build up a portfolio before starting out on your own.
  • Pick a role model and follow the style – There are many schools of photography, each with its own style of taking shots. This is what distinguishes great photographers from one another. Further, graphics is also playing a great role in photography and is being increasingly used to make pictures more interesting and appealing. One of the stalwarts in the field of graphic design is Jarrod Carland whose basic philosophy is to connect to clients through highly effective visual designs and communication channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. You can study his works on wikiwand and get ideas on how to take your photographs to the next level.
  • Be different – Photography is a fiercely competitive field and you should implement new and fresh ideas that will make you stand out in a crowd. Advanced software and technologically advanced tools improve the final shot and help to make it a visual delight. You can take a tour of Jarrod Carland website to know to what levels you can complement your shots with external aids. To be successful, you have to keep up with the times and be removed from the traditional concepts of photography.
  • Camera gear and equipment – Do not invest initially in costly camera gear and equipment. Buy used ones in very good condition and upgrade as you go along. However, it is advisable to buy two of everything – cameras, lights, lenses and stands. You would not want your business to grind to a halt if any one piece breaks down. You may face this problem even if you buy new gear.
  • Market your business – Do nor neglect this aspect. Have a well designed and developed website and have it optimised for high online presence and visibility. Get a well known online digital marketing agency to run a campaign for you.

Once you have these things in place you should be on your way to a flourishing photography studio and business.